Our Group
Rebekah Mercs, Glen Downie, Gavin Grace, Zoe Lauze, Red Vasquez, Russell Kirstien, Karim Nuruddin, and Joel Brisibe
The Project
The Angler is a rapidly deployable emergency structure designed for Search and Rescue to provide shelter to an injured patient. The structure is designed to be placed over the body of an immobile injured patient to reduce the risk of hypothermia, exposure to the elements, and a safe space to await air-assisted rescue. 
Our team aimed to design a lightweight, packable, rapidly deployable, waterproof tent that can be used by British Columbian Search and Rescue teams in rough weather and terrain. This project was produced over the course of three weeks. Our process included background and market research, expert interviews, material research, sketching, prototyping, testing, and creating technical packages.
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